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Property Mgmt Forms!
150+ professional forms for your business that you can easily customize! Forms come on a CD with a built-in wordprocessor. Take charge of your paperwork now!

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LEASE Designer
Your source for Property Management Forms and Agreements


What is LEASE Designer software?

and how can it save you time?

The documents the Lease Designer program are designed to provide assistance to landlords and rental managers. With this software program, you are able to use our sample rental agreements, modify the sample rental agreements, and create and modify your own sample rental agreements.

Once you have your basic rental agreement or lease, you can insert any of 200 + rental clauses and house regulations to expand and customize your rental agreement. You can even create and save your own additional rental clauses and house regulations or modify the ones provided.

This program actually allows you to create, save and store an unlimited number of sample rental agreements and leases that you may wish to use for different types of properties (single family versus apartment), varied length of term (year, month to month, biweekly or weekly), different locations (local versus another state) and different type of residents (Section 8 agreement) you may manage.

Not only can you store different types of your sample customized agreements, you can also store every individual agreement for each property or unit you manage right in this program, so that you can have easy and quick access to all your agreements.

Screen Shots  
Start with a lease agreement that you can modify and save. You can choose an existing template or create your own rental agreement or lease.


Choose the clause that you want to add at the location of your curser.

There are over 200 rental clauses to choose from.


You can edit each rental clause, or create your own clause.  
That is it! You can add as many clauses to your lease as you desire, and save each lease under your own name for later!